Kid Galaxy Poseable Dinosaur Action 3-Pack Figure Toy Playset



Kid Galaxy Poseable Dinosaur Figure Toy Playset. Tyrannosaurus Rex T Rex, Stegosaurus, Protoceratops Moving Figurine for Kids Age 3+ These three dinosaur figures can be posed in an infinite number of positions, providing hours of imaginative play. Dinosaurs have moving limbs and features, including moving mouth, arms, and legs. These 9-inch figures feature unparalleled attention to accurate scale, sculpted replica detail and authentic color. Dinosaur playset includes 3 Dino figurines 1) Tyrannosaurus Rex, a member of the theropoda family from the late Cretaceous period. 2) Argentinosaurus, a member of the sauropod family, similar to a Brachiosaurus, and from the middle Cretaceous period; 3) Pachyrhinosaurus, a member of ceratopsian family, similar to a Triceratops, from the late Cretaceous period. A fun and educational toy for boys, girls and toddlers! for ages 3 and up. Dimensions of each dinosaur figure are 9 x 6 x 2 inches. Colors are green, brown, red, orange and blue.

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