TwinCritters KittiKrack Organic Silvervine Powder 15grams



Give your favorite feline something to purr about with TwinCritters KittiKrack Organic Silvervine Powder. Made from 100% all-natural organically grown silvervine, it’s like catnip but stronger, due to the combination of two olfactory attractants—actinidine and dihydroactinidiolide. The organic silvervine powder will give your feline pal a more powerful and intense reaction that will last longer. KittiKrack will be your pal’s highlight of his day—simply use daily to make happier than ever before. It’s made will all-natural ingredients from pure wild-growing silvervine fruit and does not use any additives or preservatives. KittiKrack is the perfect attractant to keep your furry pal playing, jumping, rolling, vocalizing, licking and more.

Key Benefits
  • Derived from 100% natural silvervine, it will quickly become the high point of your cat’s day—use daily to make your cat happier than ever before.
  • Silvervine contains a combination of two olfactory attractants—actinidine and dihydroactinidiolide—for a more powerful and intense reaction that will last longer.
  • Made with only natural ingredients from pure wild growing silvervine fruit without any additives or preservatives for your cat’s health.
  • Perfect feline attractant—expect your kitty to play, jump, roll, vocalize, lick and more, for loads of fun.
  • Silvervine makes a great gift for felines of any age or size—yes, even your senior can let loose sometimes.

KittiKrack should not be added to your cat’s food or edible treats.

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