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Kazoo is an award-winning, new print magazine for girls, ages 5 to 12, that celebrates them for being strong, smart, fierce, and true to themselves. There is no other magazine like it.

Kazoo #13: The Great Green issue, published in Summer 2019, is full of hope, wonder, science and joy, and it’s all about making the earth happy. Featuring: activist Greta Thunberg, rainforest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni, British artist Ann Carrington, dressmaker Christy Dawn, activist Winona LaDuke, marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and garden educator LaShaun Ellis. Plus, get a recipe for berry soup from chef Mollie Katzen, read a short story by @100postcards’ Elisabeth Egan, build a DIY solar oven with solar engineer Richa Pandey, and flip through a comic on Rachel Carson by Kerstin LaCross. Also included: 25 ways to make the earth happy, a mystery mosaic, a secret code, coloring, puzzles, games and more! This issue is 64-pages—100% fun, 0% ads.

Kazoo #14: The Awesome Issue, published in Fall 2019. We’ve got a big feature of "25 Things that Will Blow Your Mind!” You’ll learn about the vastness of space from legendary astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell and the secrets of numbers from mathematician Chelsea Walton. You’ll hear mind-blowing stories about dinosaurs from paleontologist Lindsay Zanno, brains from neuroscientist Kristen Harris, exoplanets from NASA’s Knicole Colon, and geomagnetic storms from space physicist Victoriya Forsythe. You’ll hear goose bumps-inspiring stories from art curator Naima Keithroller derby champion Bonnie Thunders, and the amazing Resistance Revival Chorus. We’ve got a true-tales comic by Steenz about celebrated opera singer Marian Anderson that’ll inspire you for days. And, a diddly-bow how-to with guitar hero Mamie Minch, so you can play along. You'll make a yummy pie with Brooklyn's own Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Plus, you'll find tons of games, puzzles, a color-by-dot from artist Camille Walala, and two fun drawing activities from two NYT best-selling cartoonists Lucy Knisley and Ellen Forney. Finally (and thrillingly), we have an original, uplifting short story from critically acclaimed, NYT best-selling author Kristen Arnett.

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