Purifying Treatment



The PURIFYING line combines the purifying power of biodynamic Thyme with the delicate mechanical exfoliation of Rice Wax Micro-granules and completes the treatment with two different ways:

In case of oily dandruff the purifying bath for oily scalps uses the astringent and anti-bacterial action of the Puricomplex with the sebum-regulating action of the Phycosaccaride ACG.

In case of dry dandruff the purifying bath for dry scalps exploits the soothing properties of the organic Willow and the anti-sebum and moisturizing action of the biotechnological compound Almeth.


  • 2oz glass jar of thyme

  • 4oz glass jar of organic rice wax

  • 1oz glass jar of your prescribed Oway holistic hair bath

  • Compostable gloves

  • Compostable cape

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