The seventh volume of the 826NYC Review features eighty original works from 826NYC and the five boroughs of New York City, including:

  • A train ride to the intergalactic metropolis of New Jersey
  • Relationship advice for the lactose intolerant
  • An udderly surprising cow
  • A nutty ultimatum
  • Hoverboards falling out of the sky
  • A Jurassic dance party
  • Magical elevators
  • Soda. Everywhere.
  • Flying bananas and emotionally disturbed grapes
  • The dark side of Sesame Street
  • A whole new world... for only $2.75!!!
  • A surgeon who just wants some insight on his life
  • A dinosaur made entirely of bread
  • A tornado that will totally blow you away

featuring a foreword by Maureen Johnson

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