Back To School 2020

Brooklyn kids teamed up with the stores of CinchMarket to decide how to stock their shops to make
Back to School shopping great for the community, even if school ends up being at home this year.

All purchases benefit local PTAs.

Enter your school's name at checkout for $10 off and a donation to your school.

(Example: PS 31 = "PS31" in promo code box)

The Essentials

"No matter what school looks like this year, we are going to need this stuff." Here are items that the students say will help them get into the school spirit, even if school = home.

Stay Safe, Stay Sane

"Just make it part of your routine." Here are items the students plan to use daily to stay healthy, both at school & at home.

At Home Learning Done Right

"Learning at home can be great." Here's a list of items the students say would help them be happy, stay focused, and feel connected to school life, even from their at-home learning environments.